Resident Policy and Guidelines

Residents at Rivendell, are expected and required to MAINTAIN SOBRIETY... "WHATEVER IT TAKES," and to actively work a diligent program of recovery. In support of this, residents are expected to regularly attend area support meetings and to work with a sponsor.

Residents are expected and required to take responsibility... to accept all accountability for themselves, as well as hold House-mates accountable... for all actions, behaviors and attitudes, in all matters regarding good sober practices, and in all matters regarding house rules and policies.

Rivendell residents must be ever respectful to and supportive of their "BROTHERS IN RECOVERY" and their recovery goals. Here at Rivendell - THIS IS Fellowship !!!


All residents are required to work and responsibly maintain full-time employment. If, upon first moving in the resident is not yet employed, and/or is receiving financial help from a family member or acquaintance, we will discuss and arrange a mutually reasonable and agreed upon time frame in which the Resident must acquire "gainful employment," and become financially self-sufficient. If coming from a Treatment Center or working with a Therapist, this must be in accordance with their advised treatment plan.

Residents are expected to work as a group and play an active part in the general maintenance and upkeep of the household. They are expected to regularly clean up after themselves and to maintain their rooms and the common areas in order... "CLEAN" and Sober !!!  Chores will be assigned each weekend, on a rotating basis - ALL residents must participate.

...a note to Rivendell Newcomers...

"AS WE WELCOME YOU to Rivendell... please understand that Rivendell's founding member was once 'right where you are now,' and therefore has empathy and understanding of the challenges you face in early recovery. Please don't let the necessary authority and structure of some simple rules add to those challenges."

"Please treat our home with respect, and 'humble pride,' as you would your own home, because IT IS YOUR HOME, and therefore a reflection on you. As fellow House-mates, we need to look out for and support each other... remember, 'YOUR BROTHER'S RECOVERY CAN BE AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR OWN !'  If we, as a 'household,' are all moving in the same positive direction, anyone with 'ulterior' motives would not consider this 'home,' and would not choose to live here. The house, is merely... a 'house.' The HOUSEHOLD makes it OUR HOME, and we wish our home to be a positive, supportive, safe and comfortable environment... conducive to our recovery goals."