FARR Code of Ethics

The following, is an abbreviated excerpt from FARR's Code of Ethics, as it particularly concerns Residents of FARR Certified Residences. For FARR's Code of Ethics in it's entirety, please visit the link at page bottom.

Responsibility to Clients:

  1. A FARR and/or site Certified Residence/ employee's primary obligation is to respect the integrity and promote the welfare of the resident, whether the resident is assisted individually or in a group relationship. In a group setting, the Certified Residence/ employee is also responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect individuals from physical and/or psychological trauma resulting from interaction within the group;
  2. FARR Certified Residences shall ensure that in any group setting, site employees and visiting counselors must set a norm of confidentiality regarding all group participants' disclosures;
  3. FARR Certified Residences should ensure that if a resident is already or has been in a counseling relationship with another professional person or entity, staff must attempt contact with them after obtaining proper releases for the exchange of relevant information. The contacts or attempts to contact must be documented in the resident record;
  4. FARR Certified Residences should ensure that if a resident's condition indicates that there is a clear and imminent danger to the resident or others, all site employees must inform responsible authorities after consultation with his/her manager, Director, or supervisor;
  5. FARR Certified Residences and site employees will refrain from any practice of intimidation, bullying or otherwise threatening behavior; relying instead upon the appropriate application of the residence rules and consequences.
  6. FARR Certified Residences and site employees should ensure that the residence rules and consequences are posted in a common space accessible to all residents and that these rules and consequences are uniformly applied to all residents.
  7. FARR Certified Residences should ensure that no site employee will solicit or accept any commission, fee, or anything of monetary value from residents, other related persons, or referral sources;
  8. FARR Certified Residences should ensure that all site employees act to prevent discrimination of any kind;
  9. FARR Certified Residences should ensure that if a resident's condition deteriorates, i.e. relapse or psychological deterioration, referral and linkage to appropriate interventions will be attempted;
  10. FARR Certified Residences should at all times ensure for fair and equitable financial policies and procedures pertaining to scholarships and repayment processes, i.e.
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