FARR Grievance Policy

The following, is an abbreviated excerpt from FARR's Grievance Policy. For FARR's Grievance Policy in it's entirety, or to File a Grievance, please visit the links at page bottom.

  • It is the policy of The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) to ensure Certified Residences and stakeholders' (resident's) grievances are handled respectfully, appropriately, and professionally.
  • The Formal Grievance Procedure should be used to resolve interpersonal conflict between individuals and to report issues with existing FARR policy that a Certified Residence believes should be examined prior to the next scheduled annual policy review meeting.
  • The Formal Grievance Procedure should not be used for retribution or personal/agency gain.
  • The Formal Grievance Procedure includes but is not limited to the investigation, validation, and recommendation of the Ethics Committee as to the standing of the Certified Residence and sanctions and/or disqualification of their certification to the FARR Board, when necessary.