About Us...

Rivendell is an established Men's Recovery Residence, conceived of in early 2004 - opening it's doors and operating under the name "Rivendell" since June, 2006. In mid 2013 we became a FARR Certified Residence, out of concern for establishing integrity and distinguishing legitimacy - as a means to "separate the wheat from the chaff" - amongst the veritable explosion of such "recovery residences" appearing seemingly overnight... many intending nothing but to exploit the industry - to capitalize and prey on on this fragile market... many whose motivations are at the least, questionable - practices, far from ethical.

Rivendell currently has two locations in Delray Beach, conveniently located close to restaurants, shops, parks and two well known area "meeting halls" - Crossroads Club and Central House. We are just steps to two major bus routes, and a mere 2 miles from downtown and the Beach.

Rivendell has COMPETITIVELY PRICED Men's private and shared rooms (... with NEVER more than two to a room), located in stand-alone, Single Family Residences.

Rivendell Grey HouseRivendell Red House

Amenities Include:

  • All Utilities (no additional costs or fees)
  • Unlimited Nation-Wide 24 hr Phone Service
  • Spacious living quarters with CableTV/DVD, NETFLIX
  • Wireless Broadband Internet Service
  • Central Air Conditioning/Ceiling Fans throughout
  • Fully Applianced Kitchen Facilities and necessary cookware
  • Fully Applianced on-site Laundry Facilities
  • Single Family Homes in Safe and Quiet locations
  • Large and Spacious Yards with adjoining Patios/Decks...

ALL of this... in a SAFE and Relaxed Home Environment