In Their Own Words...

"When I completed treatment, it was important for me to find an environment that properly transitioned me back into the real world... a place that allowed me to live a more normal life after being in a highly structured environment for so long. Rivendell was the perfect place for this transition... a vital experience for me... one that I am grateful for, and needed to go through in order to grow into the person that I am able to be today."

~ Evan E. ~

"Rivendell was very kind and welcoming... I was surrounded by good guys in recovery. We were given the opportunity to prove ourselves and were not ruled buy an iron fist... rather, monitored from a sensible distance. It was exactly what I needed at the time. Phil was very reasonable to deal with... supportive at the times I needed it. I showed up at Rivendell with 2 days sober, now I have over 2 years and I believe my experience at Rivendell was instrumental in getting me here."

~ Brian C. ~

"One of the main factors that differentiates Rivendell from other houses is the fact that Phil will treat you like a person and not a rent payment... I spent several nights speaking with him about the struggles of being in early recovery, and he has a vested interest in, and genuine concern for your well being. The people I lived with became close friends and we all watched out for one another... it made the day to day toils of living in sobriety much more conducive to better living. At Rivendell I grew spritually and emotionally into a person who can cope with sober living, and my experience there gave me the strength and foundation I needed to take the next step in my recovery."

~ Will T. ~

"Perhaps most importantly, it is very clear that you took a personal interest in my recovery... I will certainly recommend Rivendell to other local guys in early recovery and in need of a stable, sober environment."

~ Dan K. ~

"My transition into the next step could not have been more comfortable, and I owe this to the environment provided to me at Rivendell... Open communication amongst housemates was both encouraged and prevalent everyday... I left Rivendell with stronger sobriety than when I got there."

~ Brian P. ~

"I highly recommend Rivendell, and hold a great deal of respect for Phil, the service he provides for the community of Delray Beach, and the energy he provides to those who seek."

~ Mike F. ~

"I learned alot about myself and what it takes to stay sober out in the real world... I enjoyed my stay here at Rivendell and definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to stay sober."

~ Mike T. ~

"The support, comfort and peace of mind living here, throughout my stay, has been a very positive experience..."

~ Henry O. ~