Beautiful... Delray Beach

South Florida, and Delray Beach in particular, is often referred to as the "Recovery Capitol of the World" by it's numerous residents that have come here in search of a better way of life. For those that are serious about their recovery and wishing to apply themselves, it's easy to get "plugged in" - to quickly make friends and build a support group - so essential to a solid program of recovery. This is, the very essence... of Fellowship. It's not uncommon to see familiar faces from "the rooms" around town... leisurely strolling "The Avenue," exploring local shops, or quietly sipping coffee at a sidewalk cafe and sharing their stories... their hopes and dreams.

Delray Beach, a welcome and social atmosphere... BREATHES a spirit of warmth and sincerity. It is a great place to stay connected... to feel a part of something - BIGGER. To simply be... here in this "Village by the Sea," is to feel at home... here in the recovery community.

Beautiful Delray Beach

In addition to it's great recovery atmosphere, Delray Beach has a lot to offer. Atlantic Ave., serving the "downtown" area of this eclectic seaside community, boasts a diversity of fine dining, sidewalk cafes, unique shops and boutiques, art galleries, musical venues... and a calendar of regular events including cultural heritage fairs, culinary festivals, arts & crafts exhibits and celebrations for every occasion. There is an award winning, recently rebuilt public library, a cultural center and historic area, an arts district... you'll find a variety of gyms and fitness centers, spas and salons, health and wellness centers, holistic and spiritual centers... always plenty to do here, for anyone and everyone, day or night.

For those with a taste for the outdoors... as you head further east on the aptly named Atlantic Avenue, you arrive at the water's edge - beautiful Delray Beach. With miles of sun-drenched coastline hugging the Atlantic Ocean, and it's white sandy beaches and warm, pristine-clear subtropical waters... there's plenty to do here also. Swimming, surfing, fishing - or any variety of water sports - jogging, roller-blading, biking... or maybe your thing is just soaking up the sun with a good book, or kicking back and taking in the scenery... it's all here for you just awaiting your discovery. Or perhaps you prefer to get away from it all... nearby you'll find parks and nature trails... places to camp, many with canoeing, rafting, hiking, horseback riding. You'll find plenty of places to just get away... to escape... to get lost in the quiet solitude - of nature.

And an extensive public transportation system awaits you... local shuttles, buses, trains... are always on the go, and available to get you around... to all of this, and beyond.